Control Your Environment Using Snappy Ubuntu Powered Ninja Sphere

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Ninja Blocks is creating smart home controls with Snappy Ubuntu Core and launching a home app platform and a store based on the same.

Named “Ninja Sphere”, the crowd-funding project completed its funding goal and ready to launch their first product.

Some unique features

  • Ninja Sphere can learn patterns in your home over time and it will let you know when appliances have been left turn on.
  • Turn devices on and off
  • Control your home appliances with remote control app from your cell phone
  • Control and manage lights
  • Keep tabs on your pets
  • Find keys, purse, wallets inside your home
  • Control your washing machine
  • Temperature Controls
  • Smart mobile app
  • Gesture Control in the sphere

Where to Buy

Interested? The Ninja Sphere – Smart Home Controller is available as pre-order with free shipping on their website with starting price $329.

Here is a promo video–0v3rY

Here are some example use cases

For More details Visit:

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