SavageOS: Arch Linux with Awesome Window Manager

A cool script that builds an Arch Linux system with Awesome Window Manager (AWM).3 min

There are many scripts to install Arch Linux available. The Arch Linux team also provides the “archinstall” script. However, some scripts really go further with their ability to give you a custom system with just simple user input.

Meet SavageOS.

SavageOS isn’t your conventional OS; it’s a toolset, a script designed to simplify the installation process of Arch Linux, elevating it to an exceptional level of convenience in each step of the installation, choosing packages and more.

SavageOS with Awesome Window Manager
SavageOS with Awesome Window Manager

SavageOS: A Quick Look


A defining feature of SavageOS is its dedicated ISO file, a key component that simplifies the setup process. With this ISO, you can seamlessly construct a complete Arch system with the stunning Awesome Window Manager. The installation kicks off with a simple command, fetching the latest software components through an internet connection, ensuring you’re always up to date.

Installation of SavageOS
Installation of SavageOS

The LIVE system launches the Alacritty terminal, and you can run the below command directly to start the installation:

sudo ./

If you use Arch Linux ISO file, you can also kick off installation using SavageOS script:

curl -L >>
chmod +x

The script streamlines the installation process and simplifies disk partitioning, catering to UEFI and MBR systems with tailored partitioning strategies. Automatic partitioning options are available for convenience, allowing for a hassle-free setup.

Additionally, SavageOS goes the extra mile by configuring multi-lib repositories, integrating the paru AUR helper, setting up the GRUB bootloader, and installing a collection of dotfiles to enhance the environment’s aesthetic and functionality.

Note: After installation, the OS will put you in the TTY1 (terminal prompt). Log in using the user id and password. And run startx to launch AWM.

Looks and Applications

SavageOS script maintains a smart approach to software installations. By default, it includes a carefully curated selection of essential applications such as Alacritty terminal, PCManFM file manager, Rofi launcher, and others, striking a balance between utility and minimalism.

By default, you get the following set of basic apps:

  • Alacritty terminal
  • PCManFM file manager
  • Rofi launcher
  • Mousepad text editor
  • 7-Zip
  • OnlyOffice
  • Flameshot
  • HTOP

Browsers are not included by default. You can easily install Firefox or other browsers using pacman commands.

The default AWM widget theme, rose-pine-gtk, brings a stunning visual appeal. It is further complimented through cursor themes and colour customizations, allowing you to tailor the AWM environment to your exact preferences.

AWM themes
AWM themes

The AWM and its keybindings make it a faster, more productive distribution. You can easily launch the basic options using the right-click context menu.

Easy to access context menu
Easy to access context menu

The top bar gives you options for multiple pre-set workspaces and a small tray with important icons.

Rofi launcher can be kicked off using META+R and is a perfect launcher for this type of setup. In addition, you also get to choose more themes for the Rofi launcher as well.

Rofi Launcher
Rofi Launcher


Arch Linux systems are always faster. No matter what you use.

SavageOS runs efficiently, utilizing only 400 MB of RAM at idle and a mere 2% CPU usage. The default installation occupies a modest 11 GB of disk space, ensuring resource efficiency doesn’t compromise functionality.

SavageOS performance with AWM
SavageOS performance with AWM

Closing notes

SavageOS aims to be more than an Arch Linux installation script. It offers built-in flexibility in installing systems with complex partition options, software selection and more. It’s a good addition to all the open-source scripts for installing Arch Linux.

You can download the ISO from this page.

Learn more about this project in the GitLab.


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