2 Drawing Applications for MS Paint alternatives in Ubuntu


Pinta and Pencil two amazing software available in Linux/Ubuntu which is the equivalent for MS Paint application in Windows.


Pinta is an easy-to-use drawing and image editing program for entry level users who doesn’t need the complexity of lots options those found in photo-shop like applications. This software is best fit for casual users in Ubuntu.

How to Install

To install Pinta in Ubuntu, mint, elementary:
From Terminal: sudo apt-get install pinta
From Ubuntu Software Center: Search for “Pinta Image Editor”

Features Highlights:

  • Drawing Tools (Paintbrush, Pencils, Shapes etc)
  • Layers
  • Effects (Blur, Glow, Warp etc)
  • Unlimited undo/redo
  • Image Adjustments (Auto Level, Black and White, Sepia etc)

Pinta Running in Ubuntu

Pinta Running in Ubuntu

Pinta Running in Ubuntu


Pencil is very basic drawing application developed on QT for Ubuntu. Apart from all basic features, it has capability create animation. It has a full fledged timeline bar which helps to create animation. You can export the animation to a movie file, image sequence, Flash file etc.

How to install

From Terminal: sudo apt-get install pencil
From Ubuntu Software Center: Search for “Pencil”

Feature Highlights:

  • All basic drawing tools (fill color, color picker, eraser, polyline etc)
  • Layers (Bitmap, Vector, Sound etc)
  • Import and Export option
  • Sound Import option for movie
  • Animation file supports – Flash, image sequence, movie file etc.

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  • Lord Draco3004

    You know all I want is something simple and easy to use just like Windows Apps for Linux…
    MS Paint shouldnt be this hard to replicate on Linux I have tried a few and I cant seem to resized what I pasted in the Window.

  • pekka

    Thank you for this one (meaning Pinta)! Maybe there is something better today but this fits my purpose perfectly. Learning curve? Well if it is a program you never used so … =)

  • dave-n-jersey

    the fact that there is no right-click is the killer for me.

  • dave-n-jersey

    I tried this but it has a steep learning curve and like most unbunto sortware, zero help.
    right click does nothing. it would be nice if the 10 MOST basic things like copy and paste were universal on all platforms.
    being different is nice, but changing everything just to be different is hard on the users.

    for me, my recommendation is to avoid this program if you are looking for a simple program.

    • There will be some bit of learning curve for Pinta for initial days.

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