How to Install Viber in Ubuntu and Other Linux

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Here’s a quick guide on how you can install Viber in Ubuntu and other Linux systems.

Viber is a free, secure calling and messaging program for all popular mobile platforms and operating systems.

It has a rich set of features such as voice/video calls, text messages with GIFs, stickers, photos, and videos. In addition, Viber features group chats, group calls and disappearing messages.

Viber is a closed-source program, but available as free for Linux distributions with native executable clients.

Here’s how to install it.

Install Viber on Linux

It is available as an AppImage executable, deb and rpm package. Follow the respective button below to download it directly. The average executable size is ~180MB.

If you have downloaded AppImage, simply change the permission to executable from any file manager. Then run.

  • For Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian and related distributions, you can install deb package via many methods.
  • You may double-click and open via the installed software manager. Or install via dpkg command as below.
sudo dpkg -i viber.deb
  • For Fedora and RPM-based packages, you can install via the following command.
sudo dnf localinstall viber.rpm

For Arch Linux and other distributions, you can use the Appimage as I explained above.


After you finish installing Viber, open it via the application menu. Here are a couple of things you need to remember.

Before you start using Viber from your Laptop/desktop, you need to set it up on your mobile phone. Download and install Viber for your mobile platform from the below links.

Once installed, set up Viber. Remember, it requires your mobile number to register.

After setting up, open the app on the Linux desktop. And you should see a screen like the one below.

Viber is Running in Linux
Viber is Running on Linux

Scan the QR code from your mobile phone app, and you should be ready to use Viber on your Linux desktop.

Note: Since it is a closed-source app, make sure you understand the terms of this app and privacy-related situations while using Viber.


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