Ubuntu MATE 22.10: Top New Features

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A brief summary of the new features of Ubuntu MATE 22.10 Kinetic Kudu release.

In my personal opinion, the MATE desktop is really underrated among popular desktop environments. Those who use it as a daily driver know how flexible and fast the desktop is with a clean look.

I like MATE because it continues the legacy GNOME 2 look. Although the new GNOME 40+ looks also awesome. But the legacy look with a traditional desktop menu and panel has its own charm.

Ubuntu MATE is the official flavour of Ubuntu, featuring the latest and greatest MATE desktop. This short-term release is based on Ubuntu 22.10 Kinetic Kudu and brings up-to-date MATE packages and components.

Ubuntu MATE 22.10 Desktop
Ubuntu MATE 22.10 Desktop

Ubuntu MATE 22.10: Top Features

Ubuntu MATE 22.10 features Linux Kernel 5.19, which supports the latest CPUs, GPUs, ports, file systems and more. The noteworthy changes in the Linux Kernel include updated power management features in Intel’s Raptor and Alder Lake processor family, multiple families of ARM updates in mainline and more, which you can read here in the detailed coverage.

The prior Ubuntu MATE 22.04 had the MATE desktop version 1.26; since then, many changes have arrived to this desktop for the upcoming MATE 1.28.

However, MATE 1.28 is not released yet. But the team managed to backport some of the interesting changes already to Ubuntu MATE 22.10 for the early experience of MATE fans.

Firstly, the most important change is you can now align the panel applets at the center, similar to left and right. Earlier it was not possible to do. The change is also supported by the MATE Tweak tool.

Secondly, the “mate hud” now supports MATE, Xfce and Budgie layouts with improved accuracy in location for different resolutions and designs. All of these Hud configs are now accessible via a new HUD settings tool.

New HUD Settings app
New HUD Settings app

Furthermore, a new User manager tool replaces the gnome-system-tools. User manager allows you to add/remove users, customize avatars, auto log in and so on.

One of the best addition in this release is the stunning AI-generated wallpapers featuring the mascot “Kudu”. They are perfect.

MATE desktop with one of the AI-Generated wallpaper
MATE desktop with one of the AI-Generated wallpaper


Finally, all of these changes complement the core Ubuntu updates alongside MATE apps. Although the mate-panel gets the latest updates from 1.28, all the MATE apps are still in 1.26.x version. Here’s a summary.

  • Based on Ubuntu 22.10 with Linux Kernel 5.19
  • Pipewire replacing PulseAudio
  • Firefox 106 (Snap version)
  • Evolution email 3.46
  • LibreOffice
  • Caja file manager 1.26
  • Software Boutique 22.04

You can download the ISO of Ubuntu MATE 22.10 from the following link.


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